Yesterday, Today &Then Tomorrow

Posted: December 2, 2011 in ranting

You know the more I think the more I create a storm in my head.

I know I cannot make changes to the events that happen in my life but…


Something has to give.


Seemed like things were improving,

my stress levels were not through the roof…

the teens were actually behaving.

I can’t tell you what they are doing when they play ditch from school.

I can’t tell you what their cellphone conversations are when they are upset

with us…their parents

My youngest just got over his fever from his immunization needles

which was pure hell to deal with.

From happy-go-lucky baby

to a hot, sleepy, cranky bundle.

Friday will be just fine. Just fine.


My eyes welled up with tears.

My son walked out fully aware of me asking for his help…

He admits that he will not be attending school


working with his dad.

So. Instead of hanging outside doing sweet shit why not help your mother.

He knows that he has done absolutely nothing yesterday

but his bed sheets because the cat may have gotten fleas…

His girlfriend does absolutely nothing but messes up every inch

every breath

every time

she opens her mouth.

Today, I’m going to make a change

for once in my life before I snap into a million pieces.

I’ve already started with my husband.

He says I do nothing…so I’ll show him nothing.

My son thinks I’m talking madness when I say “I’ll get into trouble

if he doesn’t take his ass to school.”

I’ll show him trouble when it arrives.

He better pay attention for when I swing in that courtroom as well.


I’m going to stay strong, up hold my strengths and banish my weaknesses.

I’m going to live life how the Gods and Goddesses created for me.

I’m going to hold a smile on my face and only remove it when I mean business.

Tomorrow I will be stronger…I hope, I have the support of my family.

Tomorrow I’ll brace myself for what may or may not arise.


Should I take a step back or put my foot forward? Leave a reply.

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